MARKS ELECTRONICS is the only repair network in Australia to have a dedicated, full time Sales Team.

That means that MARKS can offer a true end-to-end solution for all of it's wholesale and logistical partners.

Our sales team have the ability to move stock through numerous sales channels quickly, but most importantly, ensuring that the best return is achieved every time.


Whether your holding is damaged, aged or just excess we can offer you a sales solution that will see you turn dead stock into working capital, fast and efficiently.

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MARKS ELECTRONICS is well aware of the value of your brand.

That's why, when you choose us to liquidate, refurbish or repair your products you can rest assured we will always act with your brands best interest as the utmost priority.

When clearing refurbished or obsolete stock we will actively utilise our established  sales channels that have been specifically designed not to intefere with the sales of your existing customers.



MARKS understands the value of your brand.

We also understand the value of your existing customers.

Most importantly, MARKS understands the value of each item it handles.

These two aspects are always at the forefront when it comes to moving your clearance or excess stock holding.

We are capable of assessing each product and determining how to acheive the best possible return every single time.

When it comes to sales channels that we can utilise, we have a myriad of choice both in Australia and off-shore.

We utilise these channels to ensure both your brand and existing customers are protected from cross promotions or sales.

No one else in the country has the options that MARKS does.

We can either sell items as they are, repair them and sell them as refurbished or break them down and sell them as spare parts.

Our sales won't "eat" into your existing sales and thats extremely important when considering the ongoing viability of profitability of your brand.

The best thing about this is that we can achieve all of it under one roof.

That means we can act quickly and with accuracy, reducing our costs and increasing the return to you.


Your inquiry is of utmost importance to us. If you could kindly leave a detailed message we will respond to you within 24 business hours. Alternatively feel free to use our toll free phone number to speak with one of our reception staff.


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Factory 10/21-25 Panamax Drive,

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Monday- Friday 9am-5pm


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